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The class which brought you the JBS Open House '93, the 7th Brother Thomas Canon Invitational Games, the stage production of "Les Miserables," JBS PAASCU Accreditation, and the sponsorship to the Region XI Science Fair, and the Search for the Region XI Ten Outstanding Young Scientists (TOYS). It is the same Class which gave championships to the Interschool Basketball and Volleyball tournaments (BSAA), the CAT Region XI Tactical Inspection, the Sinulog '93, the OMI and Rotary Club essay writing and oratorical contests... finalists to the regional POP-DEV quizzes...Over-all champion of the Regional Math & Science Olympiad...and delegates to the first International La Sallian Youth Congress (Mexico & Canada), and the 6th National La Sallian Youth Congress (De La Salle Zobel). Yet it is not our accomplishments which distinguish us from the rest, but rather, the friendships and the memories which continue to bind us through the years. It is a friendship founded on the best and the most peculiar of high school memories. And though our personalities may be distinct, each one has an own story to tell. For most of us, high school will always be life's chapter we look back to with a smile. We invite you to share these moments with us, as we trek through the annals of our high school memories - from the cliques, the infamous love teams, thefriendships, the endless line of crushes and suitors, to the practical jokes we've played. Each page of this site, is another step closer to knowing us at a more up close and personal level. Through this site, we also give due recognition to all our mentors, family, and friends who have both served as our role models and support systems in more ways than one. After almost ten years since high school, we find among us nurses, lawyers, professors, engineers, businessmen/women, accountants, therapists, biologists, teachers, computer programmers, dentists, PMAers and the best of mothers and fathers. In one way or another, we are all who we are today because of each other.


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